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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marketplace: Trex Decking and Miscellaneous Items

Trex decking and miscellaneous items:
6 pc-1x12x12 Saddle, $20.00 a pc.
30 pc-2x4x16 Saddle, $16.00 a pc.
22 pc-2x4x12 Winchester Grey, $12.00 a pc.
40 pc-2x5.5x20 Winchester Grey Accent, $30.00 a pc.
15 pc-1x8x12 Maderia, $12.00 a pc.
60 pc-2x4x16 Winchester Grey, $16.00 a pc.
12 pc-4x4x52 Winchester Grey Rail Post, $15.00 a pc.
51 boxes-Trex Kit 36.25” Win Grey Ballusters 16pc/box, $41.00 per box

Please contact Green Bay Yard and ask for Tamara or Dan.