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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Certifications Needed With Expanded Rule

Starting December 1, 2010, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce will be authorized to impose forfeitures on people who don’t comply with certain requirements regarding licensing, certification and registration. That includes people who hire others that aren’t registered or don’t have proper credentials.

According to the Wisconsin Builders Association Blog:

In 2009, DOC began requiring various trades involved in building or modifying structures to register as a building contractor, while those who hold certain credentials, such as contractors who have a dwelling contractor certification, are exempt from this registration requirement. The rule allows DOC to impose forfeitures on those who do not have their building contractor registration, or certain other credentials, such as the dwelling contractor certification. In addition, forfeitures may be imposed on an entity or individual who contracts with another entity or individual who fails to comply with licensing, certification or registration requirements. Therefore, a general contractor who has his/her dwelling contractor certification may be subject to a penalty if the general contractor contracts with a subcontractor who does not have his/her certification or registration.
The WBA objected to this rule and argued what it calls “excessive” forfeiture amounts. Those amounts were reduced when the final version was sent to the state legislature. The current forfeitures are: first offense, $250; second offense, $500; third offense, $1000.

The rule also expands the trades that will need to be registered. They now include “those that construct, install or alter mechanical equipment and devices such as boilers, gas systems, piping and mechanical systems serving a building or structure. The requirement was also expanded to include those involved in the construction, installation or alteration of permanent devices or structures regulated under the amusement or sanitation code.”

The WI Department of Commerce website

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